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Demand Inc. unveils new Sales Intelligence Tool for in-depth sales, sponsorship insights

The Sales Intelligence Tool will automate client reporting that Demand Inc. previously compiled manually for clients. The insights from client messaging will help determine the language that helps convert potential sales leads into successful sponsorships. The company works with roughly 60 professional teams spanning the MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL and the Premier League.
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We accelerate the top of the funnel through booked meetings


Prospect lists should be built, not bought. We specialize in building relevant target lists and customized outreach that match the ideal customer profile (ICP) of your open sponsorship opportunities: category specific, marquee asset packages (i.e., jersey patch / naming rights), regional sponsorships, community platforms, media buys, etc. Our framework, technology, and institutional knowledge allow us to pique interest with qualified prospects and book meetings on your calendar.


We deliver speed and efficiency with our premium ticketing and hospitality outreach across multiple campaigns at the same time. Whether you are selling suites and hospitality at game day matches, concerts, season long, or for special events (employee appreciation event, partner summits, graduation, etc.) Demand Sports has you covered. Our proprietary artificial intelligence platform, Lasso AI, allows us to verify every contact and validate each email address before we reach out.


We know the nuances and extra work that comes with pursuing marquee asset partnership – our executive team has been directly involved in 20+ of the largest naming rights and jersey patch partnerships in sports and entertainment. Using our AI advantage, we identify the undiscovered – those that want to be public before they go public – and perform personalized outreach at scale to engage marquee asset prospects with effective hooks to pique their interest.
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Lasso is a proprietary AI technology that has revolutionized the process of identifying decision-makers at any company. With state-of-the-art algorithms, Lasso can quickly analyze large amounts of data from various sources, including social media, business databases, and news articles, to determine the key individuals who hold decision-making positions in a particular organization.